Sunday, April 14, 2013

ZLF's Cocoa-Coconut-Cassava Cakes with Guava Jam

Cocoa-Coconut-Cassava Cakes with Guava Jam

Vegan, Raw (if dehydrated, not baked or fried)
Lactose & Gluten-Free

Makes 6-8 cakes

1 c Cocoa Stick, grated or 100% Cocoa Powder
2 c Coconut, freshly grated (or 1.5 c dried unsweetened Coconut flakes, re-hydrated in 1 c water or Coconut Milk)
2 c Cassava Farine (Manioc Flour)
1 c Brown Sugar (Turbinado) or sweetener of your choice... if liquid then add more Casava Farine (Manioc Flour)
3 c Coconut Milk (fresh made)

Put all ingredients in a bash (that's a calabash or glass, ceramic, clay bowl)
Mix all ingredients into a dense uniform mass with a clean hand (mixture will stick to fingers)
Add more Cassava Farine (Manioc Flour) if mixture feels too "wet"
Form mixture into ball (lick your fingers & wash your hands, of course!)

Cover & let set about 15 min
OR until Cassava Farine has absorbed most of
the moisture (& oil) of the freshly grated coconut

Pinch off a "golf ball" size piece
Roll into ball
Flatten in palm of hand to the thickness you desire (ie: thick for a dense chewy texture or thin for a dry cracker-like texture)
Place on parchment paper on cookie sheet or solar/electric dehydrator screen
OR bake at 350 F 20 mins until dry
OR shallow fry in 1/4 c coconut oil until crispy

Bake in oven 350 F until crispy outside (or to your desired degree of "done-ness")
OR place in solar/electric dehydrator

Guava Jam (called "Guava Cheese" in the islands)

Rich in Vitamin C, especially the skins

1 kg ripe (soft) Guavas
Brown Sugar

(the amount of Brown Sugar is equal to the amount of Guava pulp
minus 1 cup ie: 4 c Brown Sugar for 5 cups Guava pulp)

Cut Guavas into quarters and reserve seeds

Blend Guava quarters to a smooth pulp

Put reserved seeds in sieve
Place sieve over a bowl

Add small amount of water
Rub & push seeds into seive to extract pulp

Measure quantity of pulp
Measure Brown Sugar

Put Guava pulp & Brown Sugar in heavy-bottom pan
Simmer over medium fire
Stir frequently until Guava Cheese pulls away from side of pan
Turn Guava Cheese out into container (glass or ceramic)
Let cool (mixture will continue to solidify)

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