How-to-Cook Caribbean

Most everyone in the islands, both male and female, learns to cook at home under the experienced eyes of Mum or Granma. Caribbean families are big and multi-generational, both parents usually work and everybody enjoys their food. Out of necessity, children help prepare the meals - developing their tastebuds, picking up a certain know-how and familiarity with colours, flavours, textures and learning useful tips and techniques along the way. Some, like me, will discover their passion and share it with others. 

Recipes are spoken "Put some fish to marinate..." "Put more coals on the fire..." "Add the coconut milk now..." 

Ingredients are eyeballed "A handful of this..." "A pinch of that..."

Kitchen gardens are everywhere.
Farmer's stalls are loaded with fresh harvests. Fishermen sell from their boats.
AND the shop is only for staples - coconut oil, sugar, flour...

It's my "Share The Abundance" style of cooking... what guests at Paul's Coal Pot & Beach BBQ can take back home to their own kitchens and families.

Come for a visit and see for yourself!