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"the Caribbean diet" is all about SEASONINGS...


Lucian Ti-Tym
AKA Cuban Oregano, Spanish Thyme

No Caribbean cook would ever cook their fish (poultry, meat) before it’s seasoned, and on many islands that means Green Seasoning Sauce - an herbal mixture unique to the Caribbean, with the recipe differing slightly from island to island.

The classic recipe for Green Seasoning Sauce includes Scallions (Ti'Oignon) or Chives, Garlic, Cilantro/Culantro (Chadon Benni), Cuban Oregano (Ti'Tym), Italian Parsley, Celery Leaf and Scotch Bonnet Seasoning Peppers. It is blended with Lime Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar. You can also add a shot of Rum. Will keep for a month in the refrigerator.

Green Seasoning Sauce
1 bunch fresh Scallions or Chives
4 Garlic cloves
3 sprigs Cilantro or Culantro (Chadon Benni)
3 sprigs fresh Cuban Oregano (Thyme)
1 bunch leaf Italian Parsley
3 sm branches Celery Leaf
3 Scotch Bonnet Seasoning Peppers
4 tablespoons Lime Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar
Dash of Rum (optional)

You can add or substitute other herbs like Tropical Basil, Mint, Dill, Lemongrass...

DE-SEED peppers
CHOP herbs
PUREE all ingredients the traditional way in a wooden Mortar & Pestle or in a food processor or blender
ADD small amount of Lime Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar or Rum, as needed
STORE in a sealed glass jar in refrigerator for up to one month

Marinate the raw fish (poultry, meat) in the Green Seasoning from 1 hr to overnight. Dredge the fish in a mix of wheat flour (or gluten-free Cassava "Farine") and corn meal flavored with rosemary, cumin and turmeric (or just use curry powder). Shallow-fry the fish in hot coconut oil - 3 min ea side, or until browned. You can also drizzle some coconut oil over the seasoned fish and then bake or broil on a greased baking sheet.

Caribbean Green Seasoning is full of Phyto-Nutrients and Flavonoids, Chlorophyll, Beta Carotene, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C AND is a good source of dietary fiber.

Garlic is a strong weapon against infection and a natural antibiotic often used to treat yeast infections. It reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Capsaicin, contained in seasoning peppers, is an antioxidant, an appetite suppressant, a pain reliever and is touted as a natural treatment for fibromyalgia.

Cilantro and Culantro (Chadon Benni) are a natural chelation treatment - removing heavy metals from the body. Protects against the Salmonella bacteria and urinary tract infections, aids in digestion, prevents nausea, relieves intestinal gas (flatulence), is an anti-inflammatory that alleviates arthritis symptoms, lowers blood sugar, lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising good cholesterol (HDL).

Cuban Oregano or Ti'Tym is an antiseptic when crushed and applied to cuts or abrasions. As a tea, it calms the stomach and can reduce the pain of menstrual cramps. Can also be used to treat cold symptoms.

At Paul's Coal Pot & Carib Beach BBQ we use Green Seasoning to flavor stews, casseroles and soups. Blend it with Virgin Coconut Oil for a Caribbean Vinaigrette on salads, as a dipping sauce for fire-roasted breadfruit or grilled tofu and use as a spread for sandwiches.

What have you tried it on?

Stewed Tomatoes & Jamaican Akee
1 bunch fresh Scallions or Chives
4 Garlic cloves
3 sprigs Cilantro or Culantro (Chadon Benni)
3 sm branches Celery Leaf
5 Scotch Bonnet Seasoning Peppers
4 tablespoons Virgin Coconut Oil
1 pinch Sea Salt (optional)Squeeze of Lime Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)

CLEAN Jamaican Akee (remove seed & membrane inside fruit)
CLEAN & Chop onions, garlic, peppers, celery, herbs
SAUTE all in Virgin Coconut Oil until lightly browned
ADD Tomatoes
STEW until soft

Over plain boiled or coconut rice