Prevention & Cure

The Caribbean Diet has always been "back to the roots". We use Virgin Coconut Oil, coconut milk, cocoa and nuts to instead of animal fats that contribute to circulatory dis-eases. We add texture and substance to dishes with fiber-full dasheen, cassava and plantain gluten-free starches that soothe digestive dis-orders. We prominently feature the traditional proteins of the Caribbean - fresh seafood or fresh and dried beans. Fresh, raw fruits and vegetables are found throughout our menus, and NOT just in salads.

Many of our guests have "Health Issues" and request special ingredients or meals which are already what we're cooking. They appreciate that the Caribbean ingredients in the dishes, we grew up eating and are now serving, just happen to include the SUPERFOODS most recommended by certified dieticians and nutritionists for optimum health.

The Caribbean Diet can prevent & cure what ails you...